Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving...mexicanized haha

This has been a great week! We just barely got back from a zone activity...everyone in this zone is really cool. we played soccer, went to a pizza buffett and went to the Pipila...a really cool view of the entire city of guanajuato!

Thanksgiving doesnt exit here so On thursday I forgot it was thanksgiving until really late, but I made up for it on Friday!  I bought a bunch of tacos, some tamales, some butterscotch candies that I love and like 15 little cookies from a lady in the street...it was the tastiest, most mexican thanksgiving that ive ever had haha.

This week ive been thinking about the thinks that im grateful for and the first thing that came to mind was my dad :) everytime something crazy or funny happens hes always the first person  I want to tell and I always wish he was here with me to see whats going on. one of the first things i wana do when i ge home is eat mexican food and tell funny stories with my dad in spanish haha

2. my mom :) I have nooo idea how my mom does it. She is an example to everyone! she has a testimony and knowlege that i will never have and the only way ive been able to cath up to her a little bit by being here in the mission. my mom is amazin in eveything she does...as a mother, wife, friend, church member, worker...literally everything! when i first got to the mission i was really struggling and I asked one of my best friends (who is a freaking super missionary) how he did everything so well. He told me that he thinks about what his mom would do in his place and that always helps him...that helps me now too. I think about what my mom would do in my place and everything just seems to work out :)

3. my sisters....i miss them so much...they are always in my dreams and we are always having fun haha. they are both younger than me, but they are the real examples in this sisterhood. I cant wait to go to college with ashley and watch a bunch of movies with g-race!

4. all of the people ive met on the mission
eeeeeverybody...the members, investigators, homies, leaders...they have all permanently impacted my life and i never would have met any of them if i hadnt come to the mission.

5. the gospel (of course, because im a missionary haha)
but honestly knowing that families can be togher forever and that if we can just do our little part we will recieve blessings beyond measure is a huge blessing.  I am also extremely grateful that all of my family are members and sealed together...because it would honestly break my heart coming home  to a family that couldnt be eternal after preaching and testfying to everyone everyday that they can be with their family eternally if they can just follow the commandments.

love you allll, take care! happy thanksgiving!!!

(sorry for all of the errors hahahh...this keyboard is really hard to type on and my brain is always in spanglish mode)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Dolores crazies

things are good here. there is nothing to do on pdays...we just stay in our house and then eat and then email haha. there are other sister misisonaries here, but they are boring.
the people here are really coool. an investigator should be gettinng baptized in december.
other people here are crazy. a crazy on the bus kept touching my hair so i turned around and loooked at here and she said sorry it was a speed bump hahah, but then she touched my like 4 more times...
theres an old man who just got baptized and he keeps asking me to marry him...ithough he was joking, but hes still talking about it so i dont think so hahaha
today an old lady came up to me and grabbed my hand and asked my comp if i belonged to here hahaha she said to be careful because there are crazy people here who will try to steal me hahaha. these are some of the reasons this place is not my favorite area.
i have found some the inactives that i loved here and hopefully they are going to come back to church.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Dolores 2

SOOOO...I was super happy in Tequis with my companion and district and the people there, but the second week of the transfer the took me and my comp out of tequis and put us in Dolores. Dolores was my second area and i hated it hahah, and now it has a lot of problems, so its a little bit hard.

Now that I have been here for a week, I still cant tell if being here is the worst blessing that Ive ever received or a curse with a silver lining haha. All of the members and everyone remember me and they really like me, they think its cool that i speak spanish now. At church yesterday I saw one of my converts and he came up to me and said that its a miracle to see me again!! hahaha.

I dont know what happened here...i think that the members had some problems with the missionaries because now they only feed us 3 days a week. The branch presidents wife refuses to feed the other set of missionaries here, but she said that she would feel my comp and i hahahah. also, a bunch of the people that i loved here before are now inactive...i think thats the reason i got sent here again haha, we have to go bring them back.

The work is kind of hard because we only have 1 investigator. all of the people i remember belong to the other sisters here, so we have to find all new people haha.

but things are good! im still with my comp and shes awesome!! last week i spent a whole day with my fave comp in queretaro. queretaro is like 4 hours away from my area but we have to go there again on wednesday to take care of my visa, so i think ill see my friends again!

This week I got to talk a lot with my mission president and i love him! he is so great! I think he is the only homie i have that is from utah haha.

love and miss everyone!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


On October 14 i completed an entire year in the mission! It´s weird haha. I feel exactly the same as I did a year ago, but when I look at how much I have changed, I realize that I have progressed a lot. I understand spanish now, I can actually teach a lesson or contact someone and not feel super scared, I have gotten used to having change in my life haha. When I first came to the mission field i DREADED going to the meals with members...i usually ended up liking the food, but i was always super stressed about it...and now its my favorite part of the day haha! 
There is a manual for new missionaries thats called ¨Adjusting to Missionary Life¨ and it says something like ¨over time youll get used to being a missionary and youll find that the things that are hard for you right now will become easier and enjoyable later on¨ i nevvvver believed that that could be true...but it is haha.

I remember a about year ago i was suuuper stressed out and my dad told me that everything would get better, that time would fly by and that in the end i would miss everything about the mission. I didnt believe him either...but now i completely understand and he was so right haha. I am 100% sure that I will miss everything about mexico. the food, the people, my areas, my friends, having a goal/purpose everyday.

My view on the church and life has changed a lot too. I have no idea when it happened, but my testimony has grown a ton! I dont know if i should say it has grown, or if now i actually have a testimony. I think that it took me 20 years of being part of the church and a year of being a full-time missionary, but now I can honestly tell you that I know that the church is true. I know that we have the complete restored gospel and that if we can endure to the end allll of the troubles of this life will be worth it. This transfer I have learned a lot about the plan of salvation and i love it because it is perfect. Any time you have a problem about life or the church, please study the plan of salvation haha. I think that if we can better understand where we came from (that we are literally children of god and have the potential to become exactly like him), why we are here (that every decision we make actually matters and has an eternal consequence), and where we are going after this life (hopefully to live in eternal happiness with everyone we love)...we will see things differently and make an effort to do better. HAHAHAHA if i ever go menos activa you can all use this email against me ;P

Its weird being one of the older missionaries now...i still feel new. It feels like I just got here, but also like Ive only been a missionary my whole life. In all of my dreams im a missionary haha.

Everything is good here in Tequis. My comp is cool, the area is pretty and the people are progressing! On sunday we have transfers...i think illl stay here with my comp for 6 more weeks, but well see!

I love and miss everyone! Hope you have a great week! Say hi to my family for me :)

-Hermana Knudsen

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I got a new companion! Shes great, her name is Hermana Nestoso, shes 24 and from vera cruz. We are from the same generation (we came to the mission field on the same day!) Im still here in Tequisquiapan, which im really excited about! Pres said that here we are on a specail mission because this area is giganitc! He said that if we can baptize some people in the parts that are really far away from the church, we can make and extension of the branch in those parts!
On saturday we should be having a baptism! Our 12 yr old investigator, brenda is really excited! Normally the investigators have to go to church 5 times to get baptized, but we got permission to baptize her with only 3 asistences because of general conference!
On friday Elder Valenzuela, from the quorem of the 70 came and spoke to the mission. He talked a lot about working with members ( so please help the misisonaries haha), repentance and baptism. The last bit of advice he gave our misison was that we should try and be more converted to the gospel...everything in life and in the mission works out better when our testimonies are strong! Our Pres also talked a little bit and I really like him, he is soooo loving!
I have officially been gone for 11 months now! Time is so crazy!
11 things i have learned so far are:

1. Going to church is acutallly important
    -hahah if you knew me before the mission, you would say that the mission has            done its job 
2. How to talk to people-I dont get stressed talking to people anymore! its a miracle!
3. how to be (more) patient
4. how to do a rubix cube!!
5. how to speak spanish (mas o menos haha)
6. that god loves EVERYBODY and only wants us to progress and do our best
7. how to make friends...with all kinds of people!
8. that families are important...i dont even understand how i didnt know that before haha
9. how to work alllllll day, everyday haha
10. how to talk on the phone (very different than just talking to people haha)
11. how to eat allll kinds of food!!

im so greatful that i could come to this misison. the people ive met are so writh all of the difficult parts of being a missionary!!

love and miss everyone!

Monday, September 5, 2016


Sorry I havent written in a while, haha!
This week was really cool...i have lots of cool pics...but this computer lab doesnt let me send them haha :(

From tues-thurs i went on splits with an hermana in queretaro! The famous arches are part of her area and it was great! She´s american (gringa) too, so one night we bought a kind of taco called a gringa and took pics because we are gringa eating gringas jajajaja.

We have lots of great investigators here and we should be baptizing this month!

On sunday we had stake conference (like an hour from our house) and we stuffed 22 ´people into the branch presidents van hahahaha, it was so crazy!!

Today I went to the soccer fields in queretaro and saw allll of my homies!! they are so great!

my comp is stressing me out...im trying to love her though haha. I had finally stopped biting my nails! i had gone like 2 months without biting them and they were so long, but she stressed me out too much and now i have nubs for nails again haha. we have transfers on suday though...so pray for me!!

i love and miss everybody! next week ill send pics to show all of my adventures that are too cool to explain haha!

Monday, August 1, 2016


So...our entire mission blew up last night with the transfers haha. We used to have 14 zones and our new pres combined a bunch and now we have 6 zones! They closed lots of areas and everyone was freaking out!

I dont know if I could have come to the mission if i would have know how hard the goodbyes are :( this transfer a ton of my best friends went home :( I got to talk to my trainer and my first district leader on the phone last night for the last time and then this morning we went at 5 30 am to saygoodbye to 2 missionaries from leon who are going home and one of my other best friends got transferred to the other side of the mission and only has 2 transfers left so I will probably not see him again either :(

But...I have good news! I finally got transferred to Queretaro!! and i am in the area that my trainer just left so she left me a lot of stuff! haha I felt like i was welcomed like a hero to leon! our bus entered the station and all of my friends (who are still on the mission haha) were here! I hadnt seen most of them for like 5 months and it was awesome! All of the missionaries in queretaro on mondays can go to the fields and play soccer, so i think ill get to see them a lot!

My new area seems pretty cool...they just barely opened it last transfer so we dont have a lot going for us here but there is potencial! Im a little worried about my companion though...she is an old comp of my 2 favorite comps and neither of them said good things...but well see what happens haha!

Love and miss everyone!!

I finally saw my homie, Ramirez for the first time since Feb!


It´s been a crazy week. We went the the hospital on thursday for my companions stomach and expected to be there for a few hours and ended up staying until saturday afternoon haha. We still dont really know what she had, and she has a really strict diet now, but shes fine!

On Thursday I also officially reached 9 months! its crazy how time flies...and also how slowly time can move haha.

On Saturday we had our first interviews with our new president! He is really cool. His spanish isnt the best, hes from utah, and hes really loving. He gives us permission to do a lot more stuff than our old president did. Our old president was pretty intimidating...super powerful and spiritual...but kind of scary haha. This president is just so nice and approachable! My companion and I went with just his wife to costco to buy a salad haha.

Our investigatos and ward are great. No one is really progressing, but its ok because we are always trying to find new people!

I would send pics, but I think my SD card got a virus or something, because it says its locked and I cant look at anything on my camera either :(

Love and miss everyone!

Monday, June 27, 2016


Haha, well I havent written for a while and not too much has happened. I had special transfers again...and again I still have no idea what happened :( But my new companion is really cool! She´s 24, from utah and speaks perfect english and spanish. Her family is from el salvador and we have fun together (even though she acts like she thinks shes my mom a lot haha).

This week we said goodbye to my mission president, Presidente Mejorada! :( I am going to miss him a lot. Tomorrow our new president, Pres Williamson-from Utah, will preside over the mission! I think a lot of things will change in the mission!

The work here is pretty hard. Last week we had 6 investigators come to church and it was amazing!! But this week a lot of people dropped us and we only had 2 come to church :( The investigators have to come to church at least 5 times to get baptized, so its been kind of rough over here haha.

We have some awesome families here though and I have made lots of amazing friends! Today we went with all of the sisters in the zone to buy pants!! Its going to feel so weird walking around as sister missionaries in pants hahaha!

Hope you all have a great summer!

Hermana Knudsen

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Wow, it feels really weird to have been gone from home for 7 months now! I feel like I´ve been here my whole life haha. 
This week I got sick for the first time. I guess I have a stomach infection and I have to take some pills for 11 days haha. We spent of tuesday at home because I spent the whole day sleeping and in the bathroom haha. I didnt eat anthing for like 3 days, but I think I´m better now.

We aren´t teaching a lot of people right now, so we have been contacting a TON! We found 2 really good contacts...but when we went to their house for the lesson, they both told us that they are actually members and have just been inactive for like 15 years now...so we cant baptize them haha :/ Yesterday at church a lady from the ward brought her granddaughter and the granddaughter is suuuper interested in the church and knows all of the lessons. She is like 25 and said she has just been waiting for her parents to let her be baptized because they are super catholic. We have a lesson with her on wednesday and we are super excited!!

Today was a pretty good P day. I went to costco with my companion!! We got muffins and pizza! 
This morning we went to a little store thats on our same street to buy breakfast and when we came back to the house, our neighbor was getting arrested and put into the police car...so that was interesting hahaha.

Last week we had transfers but I get to stay here in Echeveste, Leon with my same awesome companion!!! Also one of my super homies from San Miguel is in my zone and we get to see each other every Tuesday!!

Love and miss everybody!

Hermana Knudsen

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day skype and pics

Here are a couple of pics we snapped of Kourt while Skyping on Sunday and a few she sent to us yesterday, along with a quick email from her. When we talked, she was waiting to hear about transfers and worried her companion would be leaving. 

From Kourt:

hey...miraculously we didnt have transfers!! my whole district is the same except one zone leader went home!
my super homie elder prado came to my zone and hes companions with elder marshall!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

1 year to go!

WOW...so on the 14th I completed 6 whole months, and if all of my calculations are right and the transfers go according to plan, I will be home in one year from tomorrow!!

This was a pretty good week, but nothing special happened. On Tuesday we had interviews with President and all of the missionaries in Leon and today we went to a buffet with the whole zone! We have been having super good lessons, but the investigators still aren´t coming to church :( We are also working really hard on finding more people!

I´ve really learned a lot in these 6 months I think that the biggest thing I´ve realized is how weird time is. I´ve learned that nothing is permanent and everything changes. Every single day I have looked forward to or dreaded has come and gone...the bad times dont last forever...and neither do the good times haha :(
I have also learned how to rely on the Lord a lot more and to trust him. His plan always turns out to be better than mine haha.
I have learned a lot about the scriptures and how much they can help us with any problem we have.
I think I have learned how to talk to people a little bit better...Im not as scared of people anymore, so thats good haha.
Also, I have learned so much from the people I have met in these 6 months. The people from the MTC, the members of the wards I have been part of, the investigators and all of my missionary friends are totally worth all of the hard parts about the mission.

Love and miss everybody! See yáll in a year!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hermana in Leon

From Kourtney to me (Mom):

Hi MOM!!! i love you haha did you get the picture that my companion sent you of me next to your initials graffieteid on our house?? hahaha leon is so sketchy and i guess we live in a dangerous part and eveyone wants us to switch houses with the elders...but we have a washing machine...!
yeah i still love my comp! her camera has wifi, so at the church we can send pics to emails haha.

i got the packages!!! thank you so much!!!! tomorrow we have multizona with president! ugh were kind of frusterated with our investigators right now, we have like 4 that are really interested but they wont freakin come to church and we dont know why haha. and you cant get baptized unless you have 5 sacrament meetings!! but were trying haha. we dont walk as much here...we take like 5 buses a day and its so confusing haha and the buses here cost double the amount as in SM or dolores, so we dont have as much money haha. i wanna go to queretaro because e ramirez is there with my trainer hna cruz!! man my homies from san miguel were the best haha

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 1 in Leon!!

Wow...it finally happened! I have a companion that I love!! Hna Paez is like my best friend and we work super hard together! She is from Equador and her city is going to get a temple!

Leon is super cool! I guess my other areas were like little towns, and leon is a big city, so it kind of an adjustment. I guess my area is the most robbed area in the mission and we cant take our cameras around or anything, but I like it here. Today we went to a mall and it was just like america! (But in spanish and with different stores haha.) Also a friend from the mtc is in my zone and we share a church for district meeting so I get to see him every tuesday! 

Conference was awesome! Most of the missionaries in Leon went to the stake center and I got to watch it in english with all of the other gringos in a room with a desk and comfy chairs!! I really felt the love of the leaders this conference and especially liked the talks from Pres Monson, Christofferson, and Holland. (and Oaks and Uchtdorf)

I think that the people are going to be really great. We dont have a lot of investigators right now, but the ones we have are really strong! I cant believe that I have been gone for almost 6 months! Spanish is coming along haha. I can understand everything, but I still have a little trouble saying exactly what I want to say. My comp speaks english!! It is so helpful! She can translate!!!

Love and miss everyone!! See you in a year!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Semana Santa and transfers

Wow...its been a crazy week haha, definitely a week of adventures. In Dolores everyone is suuuuper catholic and semana santa is the week of easter and vacations. They party really hard and sometimes is scary haha. On friday a bunch of people were walking around the streets carrying giant crosses, and everyone who doesnt go on vacation drinks a lot. A drunk scary guy tried to kiss me and one of my comps yelled at him for like 3 minutes  haha.

This week we got yelled at and kicked out of a house for the first time :/ We also went to give the law of chastity lesson to one of our investigators and right before we started, she told us that she is pregnant and that the father of the baby is one of our new converts...:( sooo crazy haha

On thursday we were leaving our house and a guy saw that we were missionaries and came up to us. He smelled funny and then told us that to have a better connection with God, we should smoke weed haha...so that was the funny smell.

But we also had really spiritual adventures haha. The whole mission got permission to watch The Passion of the Christ on friday and that was really cool. This week I read from all 4 gospels about jesus in the garden of gethsemane, the crucifixion, and the resurrection and it really helped my knowledge and understanding of the atonement! ( I recommend the book of john...start in chapter 17 and read until the end :))

Yesterday we found out about our transfers...and i got transferred again!! I am now in Leon. My comp seems pretty cool and I know some of the people in my district and zone, so i hope things are good!

I love and miss everyone...hope you had a great easter!

hermana knudsen

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

5 months down!

HOLA!! sorry i havent written for the last couple of weeks...I have been super busy!

First off, on Feb 26 i had my first baptisms! they are two brothers who had a crazy life and are full of tattoos and gangster stuff...but now they are like the most faithful people I have ever met!

It has been really cold here. On tuesday it rained all day and hailed a little bit. We had to visit a family who lives out in the middle of no where and their entire property is dirt. It was super muddy and cold, but the lesson was good and they gave us some hot water. The worst part was on the way home we missed the bus...so we had to walk 45 mins in the hail and mud...my first horrible mission adventure haha.

On friday i started teaching english classes haha. There is another american elder in my district and every friday we are going to teach classes to get more investigators!

Saturday was my birthday! 20 feels old haha. We didnt do anything special, but we had a really spiritual lesson and I got some cake from a relief society party! We contacted a lady on the bus and went to her house like an hour after. Her son came out of the house shirtless and full of tatoos and we asked if we could share a message with them. He said yes and the spirit was so strong! everyone cried and they both accepted a baptismal date!!

I hope everyone is doing ok! Only 2 weeks left of this transfer!

Hermana Knudsen

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Busy Hermana

Mindy here. It sounds like Kourtney's new area keeps her super busy :) and doesn't leave her much time to email on Mondays :( - I asked Kourt how her week went and this was her reply:

it was pretty good. the last week of febuary i had my first two baptisms!! they are brothers and in their 20s and super gangster looking haha...it feels cool to have baptisms even though i didn't do anything to help them haha.

this week we traveled to leon for a multi zone conference and i had my first interview with my mission president...he totally ripped me apart, but in the most loving way possible haha. i kind of thought i was in this trio to become a leader but now i just think im here to learn how to work haha. he's a really good guy and im gonna miss him when we get a new president. after we went to costco haha!!

we also traveled to guanajuato for zone meeting and it is really pretty there!! dolores is like at least 2 hours away from everything so every time we travel we have to wake up super early.

last week we had splits with some hermanas because my comps are leaders. 2 hermanas came to our area for 3 days and lived and worked with us...5 missionaries in one house is a lot haha! one of them was my last comp who doesn't talk haha

i love and miss you soooo much!! please party for me on my bday...yesterday was one of my comps bdays and we did nothing haha}
tell people to save presents for me :P
sorry i dont have time to email a lot of people or send a mass or pics...apologize to everyone for me haha

Monday, February 22, 2016


Holy...my new area is suuuuper different. San miguel is only like an hour away, but it´s crazy how different it is from Dolores! Dolores is kind of sketchy hahaha. I am the ONLY American, we take bucket showers and live with cockroaches and lizards haha. But, the branch here is really helpful and good to us!!

My comps are super awesome missionaries! It feels sooooo good to be with people who know what they are doing! I have learned more in one week than I did in twelve weeks in SM.

On thursday there was a special meeting for leaders of the mission. Only zone leaders and sister training leaders were able to go. I guess when I came to the area, my comps had instructions to bring me to this meeting, so we woke up at 230 amand headed to queretaro! When I got there, we had new assistants to the president and I got kicked out of the meeting because Im not an actual leader hahaha, so I went with some other hermanas and worked while the meeting was going on. It wasnt all bad though because I got to see my homie Elder Ramirez from SM!!

Yesterday was a crazy day. Our gospel principles class is very diverse haha. Everyone there is either an investigator or a really old funny person haha. Half of our investigators are really sketchy looking haha. 2 of them come to church in jeans and snap backs and have tattoos all over their necks and arms, but they are really awesome and progressing a lot!
After church we went to a house for our dinner and found out that our investigator´s (who is going to get baptized this saturday) baby died. We went to the hospital to be with him and when we entered the room, the mom of the baby was holding the lifeless baby and crying and yelling for the baby to wake up. It was one of the hardest and most powerful things i have ever seen.

Sorry my emails havent been very good, and i havent sent pics...next week haha!!

Hermana Knudsen

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Wow, these transfers destroyed our district haha. I am now in Dolores Hidalgo and im in a trio!! Both of my companions are sister training leaders (the leadership position for sister missionaries), and they are amazing!! One is from colombia and the other is from baja california and they are both super sassy and funny. One of them goes home after this transfer so I can tell that we are going to work suuuuper hard!! One of my neighbor elders got made a zone leader in Salamanca, the other is staying in San Miguel as a district leader and my companion also got transferred and they closed our area!

My new area is really big and we share it with Elders again...but I dont think they they are really good friends with my companions haha. San Miguel was wayyyy prettier than dolores haha, but my companions told me that the members here are super awesome and that they have 2 baptisms planned for this month!! woohooo!!

I am kind of stressed out to be companions with leaders haha. I had like 0 real training with my other companions and I have no idea what Im doing. With my first companion, I was just getting used to Mexico and the mission life, so I didnt do much to hasten the work haha. My second companion never talked...so I didnt learn much from her...but I learned a lot because of her hahahah. This transfer I am ready to help, teach, and love the people!! I can already tell that I am going to learn so much from them!!

This week was pretty good. It was my comps bday on wednesday, so we went to a hamburger place and she got free food! We said goodbye to a lot of people just in case we got transferred...and Im really glad we did that haha.

I am so pumped and scared for this transfer!!

Hermana Knudsen

Kourt added this to her letter to me (Mom):
i love my friends here sooo much! everyone ive met on the mission is amazing and totally worth all of the hard times. i remeber when i got set apart that the stake pres blessed me to be able to make friends, but i never imgained i would love everyone this much haha

Monday, February 8, 2016

Last week before transfers!

This was a pretty good week. We live in a new house now and its huge! We have two floors and its super clean haha. We dont have a washing machine like promised though :( we also dont have gas right now...so ive been taking freezing cold showers.

Our investigator who will be gettting baptized soon worked allllll week, so we havent visited her in a while and Im not sure when she can be baptized!

On Thursday we went to Querétaro to hear Elder Paul B. Pieper speak to us. He did a really good job and a got to see a bunch of missionaries! My friend from the MTC was there and I saw my old companion, Hermana Cruz! We had to be at the bus station at 5:50 am and then on the way home we found out that there is not a direct bus from queretaro back to San Miguel...so we had to take a train to Celaya...which means we got to go to costco haha! It made for a super long day,  but it was great! Elder Pieper taught us how to work with less actives and how to focus more on the work. I guess his lessons helped us because on sunday 2 less actives came to church!

This weekend was some kind of carnival in down town san miguel. Im not really sure what they are celebrating, but there are tons of flowers all over and the streets are full of people trying to sell stuff. Saturday and Sunday night people could buy painted eggs that are hollowed out and filled with confetti...you are supposed to crack them on people´s head hahaha, it was super funny to watch. My companion and I bought some and it was super messy haha...its also kind of painful, because the eggs are really sharp when you crack them, so i have a bunch of cuts on my hands.

On sunday night the whole district got invited to eat dinner with the lady who washes our clothes, and that was really fun. It was probably the last time we will all be together. This weeked we have transfers and I honestly have no idea what will happen. For sure some people will change, but we have all only been here 3 transfers or less, so it could be anyone! 

I love and miss everybody!
Hermana Knudsen

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2 Baptisms!

This was a pretty good week. We had 2 baptisms in our ward! (It´s just too bad that none of them were because of me and my companion haha.) On friday an 8 yr old girl was baptized, and it was really cool because the family feeds us breakfast every friday, so it has been fun to see her progress. During the baptismal service, her 10 year old brother was asked to bear his testimony and he couldnt do it because he was crying so much, it was really sweet.

Saturday the Elders in our ward baptized an investigator and that was pretty cool for me too because the investigator speaks english and he always helps me out haha.

One of our investigators is progressing really well and we are hoping for her to be baptized on feb 13!! It will be really cool if I get to be one of the missionaries at her baptism because I helped find her and have seen her entire progression!

We are going to be moving houses tonight...its going to be sad to not have neighbor elders anymore haha :( We are also going to celebrate the birthday of a really nice member with the Elders tonight.

This week a general authority is coming to the mission, and I think on Thursday we get to go to Queretaro to see him! (which also means that we might get to go to costco! :P)

Hermana Knudsen

Monday, January 25, 2016

15 weeks down!

This was a pretty good week. On Tuesday night we went to a family home evening with the Elders. The family is really cool and the kids brought some of their non-member friends. After the lesson we had really tasty tamales and dessert, and for some reason we were all on fire with funny jokes. When we left the house, the mom was crying from laughing so hard haha.

Wednesday we went to Celaya for a world wide missionary training video. The video was really good and helpful and then we had splits! I had Hermana Guevara as my companion from wednesday until friday afternoon and and it was awesome! She was really helpful with my teaching the investigators and learnig spanish! She is an awesome missionary and it was nice to have a companion that I could actually count on!! I was only with her for 2 days, but I think she really like me because she invited me to her wedding in El Salvador hahaha. On Wednesday we also got to go to Costco again, so that was super awesome!!

Friday night we set a baptism date for one of our investigators and I feel good about this one! We also visited our investigator who couldnt get baptized in December, and his testimony is amazing and he reallly wants to be baptized, so I hope that can happen soon!

Hermana Knudsen

Monday, January 18, 2016


Highlight of this week was definitely going to Costco haha. On Monday night we met this lady who speaks English (and I think is from the states) at a little store and I talked to her for a few minutes. She yelled to us and said ¨hey missionaries!¨ and said that all of her brothers went on missions. Then on Tuesday at costco we ran into her again! It was kind of embarrassing because we were acting ridiculous on the carts and singing and taking funny pictures, and she stopped us and took pictures for us. I talked to her a little bit more and she told me that she wishes that I could be her daughter haha.

The rest of this week was not super interesting. We found out that we have to move houses next week. I am really sad about this because I will lose my awesome neighbor elders, which are pretty much the only good part about the mission right now haha :( The good thing is that our new house is really fancy! Its pretty big and has a washing machine!!

We went to a baptism on saturday for the other missionaries in the district, and on sunday our whole district ate with the nice lady who washes our clothes, so that was fun!

Love and miss everyone!!

p.s. there is a small chance we get to go to costco again this week!

Monday, January 11, 2016

OH Man

This was a pretty crazy week. On Monday we went for tacos and I had tacos de lingua y cabeza haha. ( tacos made out of cow tongue and the face muslces...) The cool part is that they weren´t even gross! I guess I´m a real Mexican now haha.

Tuesday we went to costco!! I got 12 muffins and they are all gone now :( It´s ok though because we get to go again tomorrow! I also got a berry sundae and a bunch of pizza!

We have contacted a lot of new people this past week so I hope something good comes from that! One of our investigators finally came to church yesterday too! All of our other investigators have craaaaaazy lives though, so we aren´t planning on any baptisms in the very near future haha.

On saturday night I found out that my grandma Karla passed away. :( My family got to call me and it was awesome to be able to talk to them. My mom was in Arizona with her family so I got to talk to some of my aunts and uncles too! Haha, it was really cool to hear everyone speak english without super thick spanish accents.

I can´t even believe that my grandma is gone. It´s crazy to think about because my life on the mission is exactly the same, but when I come home everything will be different. My grandma was amazing and I know that she loved me and our family sooo much. I am not worried about her at all, I know she is in a better place and that the plan of salvation is real. It was really cool because I was studying the plan of salvation a lot this week, without even knowing what was going on at home. I read that death is only pre-mature for those who are un-prepared to meet God, and I know that my grandma was super prepared, so I´m happy for her!

I´m really sad for my family, but I know that they all know the truth too. I realllllly wish that I could be there for the funeral, but I know San Miguel is where I should be. I want all of my family to know that I love and miss them and wish that I could be there to support them this weekend!

Hermana Knudsen

P.S. for those who are counting I have been on the mission for 90 days now and I only have 464 days left haha :P

Alma 22:14

Hermana Knudsen wearing a little tee shirt belonging to Grace that she mailed to Kourtney because Kourtney had said she liked that shirt 

An elder wearing the tee shirt too

Monday, January 4, 2016

New week in San Miguel

Uh, this week was a little bit stressful. I showed my new comp all around San Miguel and introduced her to all of our investigators and ward members. That doesn´t sound too bad, but it was really hard because I barely speak spanish and I don´t really know my way around town or the people super well. We got really lost one time because we have to take a bunch of buses, and we took a wrong bus. We were so lost that we just paid a taxi to take us back home haha.

My comp is realllllly nice. She makes food and letters for me, but she doesn´t know anything about the mission haha. She has only been here for 2 transfers longer than me and she is my trainer and the senior companion, but she doesn´t talk at all or take the lead on anything. I plan the whole day and its kind of hard (but at least we get to do what I want haha). Whenever we have to do something she always says "can you do it?" or "you first". Haha, its been really good for me though. I have learned and grown up a lot! The only thing I can´t help us with is the awkward pauses in lessons. I still cant speak spanish to save my life, and my comp doesnt talk...so there are a lot of awkward pauses when we talk to people, and I just have to sit there hahaha.

New Year´s Eve was nothing special. No one was home so it was a pretty slow day and we had to be home at 9. On New Year´s Day we had a little party as a district and grilled a ton of meat at the church.

Yesterday we found out our official transfers! Im staying here in San Miguel with the same comp and my neighbor elders are staying too! The other companionionship in our district is changing because one of the missionaries gets to go home this week and the other missionary is going to be a trainer.

Tomorrow we are going to Costco!! Woohoo!!

Happy New Year!!!

Hermana Knudsen