Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving...mexicanized haha

This has been a great week! We just barely got back from a zone activity...everyone in this zone is really cool. we played soccer, went to a pizza buffett and went to the Pipila...a really cool view of the entire city of guanajuato!

Thanksgiving doesnt exit here so On thursday I forgot it was thanksgiving until really late, but I made up for it on Friday!  I bought a bunch of tacos, some tamales, some butterscotch candies that I love and like 15 little cookies from a lady in the street...it was the tastiest, most mexican thanksgiving that ive ever had haha.

This week ive been thinking about the thinks that im grateful for and the first thing that came to mind was my dad :) everytime something crazy or funny happens hes always the first person  I want to tell and I always wish he was here with me to see whats going on. one of the first things i wana do when i ge home is eat mexican food and tell funny stories with my dad in spanish haha

2. my mom :) I have nooo idea how my mom does it. She is an example to everyone! she has a testimony and knowlege that i will never have and the only way ive been able to cath up to her a little bit by being here in the mission. my mom is amazin in eveything she does...as a mother, wife, friend, church member, worker...literally everything! when i first got to the mission i was really struggling and I asked one of my best friends (who is a freaking super missionary) how he did everything so well. He told me that he thinks about what his mom would do in his place and that always helps him...that helps me now too. I think about what my mom would do in my place and everything just seems to work out :)

3. my sisters....i miss them so much...they are always in my dreams and we are always having fun haha. they are both younger than me, but they are the real examples in this sisterhood. I cant wait to go to college with ashley and watch a bunch of movies with g-race!

4. all of the people ive met on the mission
eeeeeverybody...the members, investigators, homies, leaders...they have all permanently impacted my life and i never would have met any of them if i hadnt come to the mission.

5. the gospel (of course, because im a missionary haha)
but honestly knowing that families can be togher forever and that if we can just do our little part we will recieve blessings beyond measure is a huge blessing.  I am also extremely grateful that all of my family are members and sealed together...because it would honestly break my heart coming home  to a family that couldnt be eternal after preaching and testfying to everyone everyday that they can be with their family eternally if they can just follow the commandments.

love you allll, take care! happy thanksgiving!!!

(sorry for all of the errors hahahh...this keyboard is really hard to type on and my brain is always in spanglish mode)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Dolores crazies

things are good here. there is nothing to do on pdays...we just stay in our house and then eat and then email haha. there are other sister misisonaries here, but they are boring.
the people here are really coool. an investigator should be gettinng baptized in december.
other people here are crazy. a crazy on the bus kept touching my hair so i turned around and loooked at here and she said sorry it was a speed bump hahah, but then she touched my like 4 more times...
theres an old man who just got baptized and he keeps asking me to marry him...ithough he was joking, but hes still talking about it so i dont think so hahaha
today an old lady came up to me and grabbed my hand and asked my comp if i belonged to here hahaha she said to be careful because there are crazy people here who will try to steal me hahaha. these are some of the reasons this place is not my favorite area.
i have found some the inactives that i loved here and hopefully they are going to come back to church.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Dolores 2

SOOOO...I was super happy in Tequis with my companion and district and the people there, but the second week of the transfer the took me and my comp out of tequis and put us in Dolores. Dolores was my second area and i hated it hahah, and now it has a lot of problems, so its a little bit hard.

Now that I have been here for a week, I still cant tell if being here is the worst blessing that Ive ever received or a curse with a silver lining haha. All of the members and everyone remember me and they really like me, they think its cool that i speak spanish now. At church yesterday I saw one of my converts and he came up to me and said that its a miracle to see me again!! hahaha.

I dont know what happened here...i think that the members had some problems with the missionaries because now they only feed us 3 days a week. The branch presidents wife refuses to feed the other set of missionaries here, but she said that she would feel my comp and i hahahah. also, a bunch of the people that i loved here before are now inactive...i think thats the reason i got sent here again haha, we have to go bring them back.

The work is kind of hard because we only have 1 investigator. all of the people i remember belong to the other sisters here, so we have to find all new people haha.

but things are good! im still with my comp and shes awesome!! last week i spent a whole day with my fave comp in queretaro. queretaro is like 4 hours away from my area but we have to go there again on wednesday to take care of my visa, so i think ill see my friends again!

This week I got to talk a lot with my mission president and i love him! he is so great! I think he is the only homie i have that is from utah haha.

love and miss everyone!