Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 2!

So I´ve been here for 2 weeks now and I am completely fluent in Spanish!...kidding that is a big lie. Today we went to the Mexico City temple and everyone spoke spanish, and I had no idea what they were saying. The temple is very pretty though! It´s huge and one of only five in the world to have an angel moroni with the golden plates and a trumpet in his hands. There is a little store by the temple and i got some scripture cases and a ring for really cheap!

My district is still amazing. I like it here at the Mexico MTC! I guess there was a hurricane in Mexico, but it didnt come close to us. They were saying that if it did hit us, we would have to be transferred to Provo. Yesterday it rained like crazy though and today while driving to the temple, the streets were still flooded with water.

Two elders from my district got called as zone leaders on suday and our "investigator" from last week became our night teacher this week. It´s been really weird getting used to him teaching us now haha. MTC work has been getting progressively harder. We have language classes morning and night now and next week we will have to only speak spanish.

That´s pretty much everything cool about this week haha.

 Happy Halloween on saturday! I miss everyone!

-Hermana Knudsen
Such cutes sisters! Comp: Hermana Lutze headed to the Mexico Torreon mission.

So excited!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

First Week

I made it through my first week as a missionary at the MTC!  On wednesday the 14th my plane left for Mexico City at 6am. There were lots of other missionaries at the airport saying goodbye to their families too, so that made me feel a lot better. We had a 2.5 hour layover in LA, where i made friends with some of the other missionaries. It was really nice to know that everyone else was freaking out just like me and most of them are going to missions in Mexico.

When i got to mexico city, i could tell right away that mexico would be a lot different than south jordan haha. We took a bus from the airport to the MTC and i saw some crazy stuff. the driving is sooo crazy, there are motorcyles weaving through everyone and people trying to see stuff in the middle of the street. Apparently Mexico city is the third largest city in the world so it´s really busy and dirty.

When we got to the MTC i found out that 46 elders and 19 sisters arrived on that day. in the mexico mtc new american/canadian missionaries arrive every week and stay for 6 weeks and new latino missionaries come every 2 weeks and stay for like 12 days. Elder Marshall and i are the only ones here here going to the Queretaro mission so far, and he is in my district so it will be nice to know someone when i get out into the field.

My district (MTC group) is amazing! I feel like I´ve known them forever. In my district there are 4 hermanas and 6 elders. All 4 of us hermanas live in the same room, so its like a party every night!...until 10:30 of course :P

The Mexico MTC is beautiful! there are palm trees and mountains with colorful houses everywhere. My teachers are really cool and spiritual, but all of them are native spanish speakers and learned english a little bit on their missions or from movies so its hard to understand them sometimes. I´ve gotten super used to hearing spanish everywhere but i still have no idea what they are saying haha. Devotionals are weird too because the speaker speaks in spanish, but they have an english translator repeating every sentence. We have learned a lot and had a lot of amazing lessons in just a week. Our 3rd day we had to teach an investigator in only spanish. IT went better than i expected and we have heard that the investigator will eventually become our night teacher!

The food here is kinda weird because they try and mix american and mexican food...but tuesdays are awesome because we get costco pizza! One day they had giant jello cups and i pressured our district leader into eating 5 entire cups...definitely one of the funniest things that has happened yet!

Everything is really cheap here. we get about $8 per week and i can easily get all of the snacks and drinks i want to last the entire week. Nights are kind of sketchy though...all night we here police/ambulance sirens and random dogs barking. I guess here the Catholoics celebrate their saints by light off fireworks. They randomly go off every few hours and they are super loud like cannons!

uh i hope this isnt too long and boring haha. Im sure the rest of the weeks wont be as exciting and my emails will be shorter. i found out you can send packages to the mexico mtc! if you go to or you can send me packages and letters and they will get here the same day! letters are free (hint hint:P)

I hope everything is going ok back home! i love and miss everyone!
-Hermana Knudsen

Monday, October 19, 2015

Off to the MTC

Getting ready to enjoy the journey with Sister Kourtney Knudsen, but first a tearful goodbye as she left for the Mexico City MTC on Wednesday October 14th! Love you, Kourt!! Can't wait to see you in 548 short days and hug you again.
The Lord is getting an awesome and valiant servant. ❤️