Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I got a new companion! Shes great, her name is Hermana Nestoso, shes 24 and from vera cruz. We are from the same generation (we came to the mission field on the same day!) Im still here in Tequisquiapan, which im really excited about! Pres said that here we are on a specail mission because this area is giganitc! He said that if we can baptize some people in the parts that are really far away from the church, we can make and extension of the branch in those parts!
On saturday we should be having a baptism! Our 12 yr old investigator, brenda is really excited! Normally the investigators have to go to church 5 times to get baptized, but we got permission to baptize her with only 3 asistences because of general conference!
On friday Elder Valenzuela, from the quorem of the 70 came and spoke to the mission. He talked a lot about working with members ( so please help the misisonaries haha), repentance and baptism. The last bit of advice he gave our misison was that we should try and be more converted to the gospel...everything in life and in the mission works out better when our testimonies are strong! Our Pres also talked a little bit and I really like him, he is soooo loving!
I have officially been gone for 11 months now! Time is so crazy!
11 things i have learned so far are:

1. Going to church is acutallly important
    -hahah if you knew me before the mission, you would say that the mission has            done its job 
2. How to talk to people-I dont get stressed talking to people anymore! its a miracle!
3. how to be (more) patient
4. how to do a rubix cube!!
5. how to speak spanish (mas o menos haha)
6. that god loves EVERYBODY and only wants us to progress and do our best
7. how to make friends...with all kinds of people!
8. that families are important...i dont even understand how i didnt know that before haha
9. how to work alllllll day, everyday haha
10. how to talk on the phone (very different than just talking to people haha)
11. how to eat allll kinds of food!!

im so greatful that i could come to this misison. the people ive met are so writh all of the difficult parts of being a missionary!!

love and miss everyone!

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