Monday, November 21, 2016

Dolores crazies

things are good here. there is nothing to do on pdays...we just stay in our house and then eat and then email haha. there are other sister misisonaries here, but they are boring.
the people here are really coool. an investigator should be gettinng baptized in december.
other people here are crazy. a crazy on the bus kept touching my hair so i turned around and loooked at here and she said sorry it was a speed bump hahah, but then she touched my like 4 more times...
theres an old man who just got baptized and he keeps asking me to marry him...ithough he was joking, but hes still talking about it so i dont think so hahaha
today an old lady came up to me and grabbed my hand and asked my comp if i belonged to here hahaha she said to be careful because there are crazy people here who will try to steal me hahaha. these are some of the reasons this place is not my favorite area.
i have found some the inactives that i loved here and hopefully they are going to come back to church.

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