Monday, February 8, 2016

Last week before transfers!

This was a pretty good week. We live in a new house now and its huge! We have two floors and its super clean haha. We dont have a washing machine like promised though :( we also dont have gas right ive been taking freezing cold showers.

Our investigator who will be gettting baptized soon worked allllll week, so we havent visited her in a while and Im not sure when she can be baptized!

On Thursday we went to QuerĂ©taro to hear Elder Paul B. Pieper speak to us. He did a really good job and a got to see a bunch of missionaries! My friend from the MTC was there and I saw my old companion, Hermana Cruz! We had to be at the bus station at 5:50 am and then on the way home we found out that there is not a direct bus from queretaro back to San we had to take a train to Celaya...which means we got to go to costco haha! It made for a super long day,  but it was great! Elder Pieper taught us how to work with less actives and how to focus more on the work. I guess his lessons helped us because on sunday 2 less actives came to church!

This weekend was some kind of carnival in down town san miguel. Im not really sure what they are celebrating, but there are tons of flowers all over and the streets are full of people trying to sell stuff. Saturday and Sunday night people could buy painted eggs that are hollowed out and filled with are supposed to crack them on people´s head hahaha, it was super funny to watch. My companion and I bought some and it was super messy haha...its also kind of painful, because the eggs are really sharp when you crack them, so i have a bunch of cuts on my hands.

On sunday night the whole district got invited to eat dinner with the lady who washes our clothes, and that was really fun. It was probably the last time we will all be together. This weeked we have transfers and I honestly have no idea what will happen. For sure some people will change, but we have all only been here 3 transfers or less, so it could be anyone! 

I love and miss everybody!
Hermana Knudsen

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