Friday, April 1, 2016

Semana Santa and transfers

Wow...its been a crazy week haha, definitely a week of adventures. In Dolores everyone is suuuuper catholic and semana santa is the week of easter and vacations. They party really hard and sometimes is scary haha. On friday a bunch of people were walking around the streets carrying giant crosses, and everyone who doesnt go on vacation drinks a lot. A drunk scary guy tried to kiss me and one of my comps yelled at him for like 3 minutes  haha.

This week we got yelled at and kicked out of a house for the first time :/ We also went to give the law of chastity lesson to one of our investigators and right before we started, she told us that she is pregnant and that the father of the baby is one of our new converts...:( sooo crazy haha

On thursday we were leaving our house and a guy saw that we were missionaries and came up to us. He smelled funny and then told us that to have a better connection with God, we should smoke weed that was the funny smell.

But we also had really spiritual adventures haha. The whole mission got permission to watch The Passion of the Christ on friday and that was really cool. This week I read from all 4 gospels about jesus in the garden of gethsemane, the crucifixion, and the resurrection and it really helped my knowledge and understanding of the atonement! ( I recommend the book of john...start in chapter 17 and read until the end :))

Yesterday we found out about our transfers...and i got transferred again!! I am now in Leon. My comp seems pretty cool and I know some of the people in my district and zone, so i hope things are good!

I love and miss everyone...hope you had a great easter!

hermana knudsen

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