Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Wow, these transfers destroyed our district haha. I am now in Dolores Hidalgo and im in a trio!! Both of my companions are sister training leaders (the leadership position for sister missionaries), and they are amazing!! One is from colombia and the other is from baja california and they are both super sassy and funny. One of them goes home after this transfer so I can tell that we are going to work suuuuper hard!! One of my neighbor elders got made a zone leader in Salamanca, the other is staying in San Miguel as a district leader and my companion also got transferred and they closed our area!

My new area is really big and we share it with Elders again...but I dont think they they are really good friends with my companions haha. San Miguel was wayyyy prettier than dolores haha, but my companions told me that the members here are super awesome and that they have 2 baptisms planned for this month!! woohooo!!

I am kind of stressed out to be companions with leaders haha. I had like 0 real training with my other companions and I have no idea what Im doing. With my first companion, I was just getting used to Mexico and the mission life, so I didnt do much to hasten the work haha. My second companion never I didnt learn much from her...but I learned a lot because of her hahahah. This transfer I am ready to help, teach, and love the people!! I can already tell that I am going to learn so much from them!!

This week was pretty good. It was my comps bday on wednesday, so we went to a hamburger place and she got free food! We said goodbye to a lot of people just in case we got transferred...and Im really glad we did that haha.

I am so pumped and scared for this transfer!!

Hermana Knudsen

Kourt added this to her letter to me (Mom):
i love my friends here sooo much! everyone ive met on the mission is amazing and totally worth all of the hard times. i remeber when i got set apart that the stake pres blessed me to be able to make friends, but i never imgained i would love everyone this much haha

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