Monday, August 1, 2016


So...our entire mission blew up last night with the transfers haha. We used to have 14 zones and our new pres combined a bunch and now we have 6 zones! They closed lots of areas and everyone was freaking out!

I dont know if I could have come to the mission if i would have know how hard the goodbyes are :( this transfer a ton of my best friends went home :( I got to talk to my trainer and my first district leader on the phone last night for the last time and then this morning we went at 5 30 am to saygoodbye to 2 missionaries from leon who are going home and one of my other best friends got transferred to the other side of the mission and only has 2 transfers left so I will probably not see him again either :(

But...I have good news! I finally got transferred to Queretaro!! and i am in the area that my trainer just left so she left me a lot of stuff! haha I felt like i was welcomed like a hero to leon! our bus entered the station and all of my friends (who are still on the mission haha) were here! I hadnt seen most of them for like 5 months and it was awesome! All of the missionaries in queretaro on mondays can go to the fields and play soccer, so i think ill get to see them a lot!

My new area seems pretty cool...they just barely opened it last transfer so we dont have a lot going for us here but there is potencial! Im a little worried about my companion though...she is an old comp of my 2 favorite comps and neither of them said good things...but well see what happens haha!

Love and miss everyone!!

I finally saw my homie, Ramirez for the first time since Feb!

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