Monday, April 11, 2016

Hermana in Leon

From Kourtney to me (Mom):

Hi MOM!!! i love you haha did you get the picture that my companion sent you of me next to your initials graffieteid on our house?? hahaha leon is so sketchy and i guess we live in a dangerous part and eveyone wants us to switch houses with the elders...but we have a washing machine...!
yeah i still love my comp! her camera has wifi, so at the church we can send pics to emails haha.

i got the packages!!! thank you so much!!!! tomorrow we have multizona with president! ugh were kind of frusterated with our investigators right now, we have like 4 that are really interested but they wont freakin come to church and we dont know why haha. and you cant get baptized unless you have 5 sacrament meetings!! but were trying haha. we dont walk as much here...we take like 5 buses a day and its so confusing haha and the buses here cost double the amount as in SM or dolores, so we dont have as much money haha. i wanna go to queretaro because e ramirez is there with my trainer hna cruz!! man my homies from san miguel were the best haha

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