Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Busy Hermana

Mindy here. It sounds like Kourtney's new area keeps her super busy :) and doesn't leave her much time to email on Mondays :( - I asked Kourt how her week went and this was her reply:

it was pretty good. the last week of febuary i had my first two baptisms!! they are brothers and in their 20s and super gangster looking haha...it feels cool to have baptisms even though i didn't do anything to help them haha.

this week we traveled to leon for a multi zone conference and i had my first interview with my mission president...he totally ripped me apart, but in the most loving way possible haha. i kind of thought i was in this trio to become a leader but now i just think im here to learn how to work haha. he's a really good guy and im gonna miss him when we get a new president. after we went to costco haha!!

we also traveled to guanajuato for zone meeting and it is really pretty there!! dolores is like at least 2 hours away from everything so every time we travel we have to wake up super early.

last week we had splits with some hermanas because my comps are leaders. 2 hermanas came to our area for 3 days and lived and worked with us...5 missionaries in one house is a lot haha! one of them was my last comp who doesn't talk haha

i love and miss you soooo much!! please party for me on my bday...yesterday was one of my comps bdays and we did nothing haha}
tell people to save presents for me :P
sorry i dont have time to email a lot of people or send a mass or pics...apologize to everyone for me haha

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