Monday, September 5, 2016


Sorry I havent written in a while, haha!
This week was really cool...i have lots of cool pics...but this computer lab doesnt let me send them haha :(

From tues-thurs i went on splits with an hermana in queretaro! The famous arches are part of her area and it was great! She´s american (gringa) too, so one night we bought a kind of taco called a gringa and took pics because we are gringa eating gringas jajajaja.

We have lots of great investigators here and we should be baptizing this month!

On sunday we had stake conference (like an hour from our house) and we stuffed 22 ´people into the branch presidents van hahahaha, it was so crazy!!

Today I went to the soccer fields in queretaro and saw allll of my homies!! they are so great!

my comp is stressing me trying to love her though haha. I had finally stopped biting my nails! i had gone like 2 months without biting them and they were so long, but she stressed me out too much and now i have nubs for nails again haha. we have transfers on suday pray for me!!

i love and miss everybody! next week ill send pics to show all of my adventures that are too cool to explain haha!

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