Monday, August 1, 2016


It´s been a crazy week. We went the the hospital on thursday for my companions stomach and expected to be there for a few hours and ended up staying until saturday afternoon haha. We still dont really know what she had, and she has a really strict diet now, but shes fine!

On Thursday I also officially reached 9 months! its crazy how time flies...and also how slowly time can move haha.

On Saturday we had our first interviews with our new president! He is really cool. His spanish isnt the best, hes from utah, and hes really loving. He gives us permission to do a lot more stuff than our old president did. Our old president was pretty intimidating...super powerful and spiritual...but kind of scary haha. This president is just so nice and approachable! My companion and I went with just his wife to costco to buy a salad haha.

Our investigatos and ward are great. No one is really progressing, but its ok because we are always trying to find new people!

I would send pics, but I think my SD card got a virus or something, because it says its locked and I cant look at anything on my camera either :(

Love and miss everyone!

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