Wednesday, October 19, 2016


On October 14 i completed an entire year in the mission! It´s weird haha. I feel exactly the same as I did a year ago, but when I look at how much I have changed, I realize that I have progressed a lot. I understand spanish now, I can actually teach a lesson or contact someone and not feel super scared, I have gotten used to having change in my life haha. When I first came to the mission field i DREADED going to the meals with members...i usually ended up liking the food, but i was always super stressed about it...and now its my favorite part of the day haha! 
There is a manual for new missionaries thats called ¨Adjusting to Missionary Life¨ and it says something like ¨over time youll get used to being a missionary and youll find that the things that are hard for you right now will become easier and enjoyable later on¨ i nevvvver believed that that could be true...but it is haha.

I remember a about year ago i was suuuper stressed out and my dad told me that everything would get better, that time would fly by and that in the end i would miss everything about the mission. I didnt believe him either...but now i completely understand and he was so right haha. I am 100% sure that I will miss everything about mexico. the food, the people, my areas, my friends, having a goal/purpose everyday.

My view on the church and life has changed a lot too. I have no idea when it happened, but my testimony has grown a ton! I dont know if i should say it has grown, or if now i actually have a testimony. I think that it took me 20 years of being part of the church and a year of being a full-time missionary, but now I can honestly tell you that I know that the church is true. I know that we have the complete restored gospel and that if we can endure to the end allll of the troubles of this life will be worth it. This transfer I have learned a lot about the plan of salvation and i love it because it is perfect. Any time you have a problem about life or the church, please study the plan of salvation haha. I think that if we can better understand where we came from (that we are literally children of god and have the potential to become exactly like him), why we are here (that every decision we make actually matters and has an eternal consequence), and where we are going after this life (hopefully to live in eternal happiness with everyone we love)...we will see things differently and make an effort to do better. HAHAHAHA if i ever go menos activa you can all use this email against me ;P

Its weird being one of the older missionaries now...i still feel new. It feels like I just got here, but also like Ive only been a missionary my whole life. In all of my dreams im a missionary haha.

Everything is good here in Tequis. My comp is cool, the area is pretty and the people are progressing! On sunday we have transfers...i think illl stay here with my comp for 6 more weeks, but well see!

I love and miss everyone! Hope you have a great week! Say hi to my family for me :)

-Hermana Knudsen