Monday, April 18, 2016

1 year to go! on the 14th I completed 6 whole months, and if all of my calculations are right and the transfers go according to plan, I will be home in one year from tomorrow!!

This was a pretty good week, but nothing special happened. On Tuesday we had interviews with President and all of the missionaries in Leon and today we went to a buffet with the whole zone! We have been having super good lessons, but the investigators still aren´t coming to church :( We are also working really hard on finding more people!

I´ve really learned a lot in these 6 months I think that the biggest thing I´ve realized is how weird time is. I´ve learned that nothing is permanent and everything changes. Every single day I have looked forward to or dreaded has come and gone...the bad times dont last forever...and neither do the good times haha :(
I have also learned how to rely on the Lord a lot more and to trust him. His plan always turns out to be better than mine haha.
I have learned a lot about the scriptures and how much they can help us with any problem we have.
I think I have learned how to talk to people a little bit better...Im not as scared of people anymore, so thats good haha.
Also, I have learned so much from the people I have met in these 6 months. The people from the MTC, the members of the wards I have been part of, the investigators and all of my missionary friends are totally worth all of the hard parts about the mission.

Love and miss everybody! See yáll in a year!

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