Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I Do Not Know Anything haha

Hola from San Miguel!
My last week at the MTC was awesome! The last night we had a party, and saying goodbye was really hard. I left for my mission Monday morning and I thought that I would be able to sit with Elder Marshall on the bus and speak English, but they separated the elders and sisters. I was the only American/English speaker so that was my first taste of complete spanish haha. 

We spent the first two days training, meeting the mission president and saying goodbye to all of the missionaries finishing their missions. Not gonna lie, I was super jealous of them haha. Those first two days I had way too much time to think and I was stressing. I spent 70% of the time having no idea what was going on because everything was in spanish, 20% freaking out and missing everyone, 5% reassuring myself and 5% having fun. I feel quite a bit better now though, I probably have fun like 20% of the time haha.

I am in San Miguel and its pretty cool. I guess it is really touristy so when we go down town I see a lots of americans and europeans who speak english! My companion is really cool and nice, but she does not speak any english and communicating is hard sometimes. We are next door neighbors with some elders and one of them speaks about as much english as i do spanish, so its really fun to be with them!

The food has been better than i expected! we have chicken, rice and vegetables everyday haha. We have lunch with members everyday around 3 oclock. We have not had time to go to the store or anything yet, so for breakfast we eat this mushy cereal and then we dont really eat dinner. We walk a TON so I will probably come home nice and skinny haha.

Our ward mission leader speaks english! He is the nephew of President Lyons at the MTC, and he has a bunch of brothers who speak perfect english in the ward too. They all lived in the US for a few years and on saturday they invited us and the Elders to their house for thanksgiving!! It was delicious and it felt so good to hear people speaking only english haha.

We have to wash our clothes by hand, the roads are suuuuper rocky and hard to walk on, our house has cockroaches, and i can barely understand anyone...but other than that I love being out in the field!! I love and miss everyone!! VIVA MËXICO!


Last night at MTC - Hermana Roberts

Last night at MTC with District C

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