Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad!

This week was pretty sweet! We had our mission christmas party on Wednesday; we watched a movie, got flu shots, and I met a bunch of new missionaries. That night was also our ward christmas party and my comp, the elders and I sang a christmas song in Spanish and wore Santa hats. Here they also have these little christmas parties called Posadas in the streets. Every night the week before christmas people go around and sing and then have a bunch of food and piƱatas! The parties are like the only things that feel Christmasy though haha. It´s pretty warm, we don´t have snow, decorations or christmas songs, so I can't really believe that it is christmas this week haha.

So this was probably the funnest and most stressful week of the mission so far. The parties were great and we found this lady to do our laundry for us!! She washes, dries and folds it all for like $2 haha!! It was stressful because at the mission christmas party my mission president took me aside and told me that my companion is going to be transferred, so I really need to learn the streets and people here so that I can show my next companion around. I don´t think that anyone here understands that I literally know nothing haha!!

My favorite part about mexico is the prices!! I can buy a giant donut and a tamale for breakfast for less than a buck!! They also have these awesome flea markets every week with the coolest stuff! I bought a cool soccer jersey and a sick Mexico hat for like $20!!

I am actually kind of excited to spend my first christmas here in Mexico! Not gonna lie...leaving in october is kind of hard. I spent halloween in the MTC, my first week in the field was during thanksgiving (they dont celebrate thanksgiving here haha), and now its christmas and I'm still not really comfortable. But...I know that the things we do in this church are eternal. Bringing souls unto Christ will bring them happiness for all eternity...18 months is nothing compared to eternity. Also, all of the knowledge, experiences and relationships I have made in the last 2 months will last a being here for two christmases is totally worth it!!

Love and miss everyone!! FELIZ NAVIDAD!!
Hermana Knudsen

Missionaries and Hermana Lupita, who feeds them!! <3

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