Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 2 in San Miguel

Ay caray! I am so tired because I just whooped a bunch of Latinos at soccer haha :P

Last Monday I got my first contact!! I spoked to him in spanish and everything haha, it was awesome. He came to a ward activity on wednesday but we are not sure if he lives in our area or not...

On Tuesday we went to a zone conference and after we got to costco!! i have been eating like 3 giant muffins a day haha. The food has actually been pretty good! The weirdest thing I have eaten so far is cactus (nopales?) and it wasnt even bad haha. 

This week my comp left our keys inside, and we got locked out. Luckily our house is really easy to break into because our door is made out of glass and metal bars and there is a hole in the glass right by the handle hahaha so I just stuck my hand through the hole and opened the door. I get to be in charge of the keys now, so that's cool.

We were walking to an appointment and I saw like 10 cops/military guys all piled in the back of a truck. They all had giant guns, so i was staring at them and they waved at me haha. On our way back from the appointment a few of them were standing outside a building, so I asked for a picture with them. My comp thought i was crazy, but its a cool picture haha.

We have 3 investigators with baptismal dates for this month!! I am not sure how many of them count as baptisms for me, because my companion was working with them before i got here...but 2 of them didnt have baptismal dates until after they heard my I feel kind of accomplished haha. I really feel like the Lord has blessed me and my compaion for our efforts. I am working so hard on being the best missionary i can be, even though i cant really talk to the people haha.

Our investigators are crazy. They all have crazy personal problems that i wouldnt be able to help them with even if i could understand them. One of them cant read, so teaching about the book of mormon is really hard haha. My companion is super patient and great though! Its actually suuuuper hard having a companion who doesnt speak english. i thought it would make it easier for me to learn spanish, but its actually really hard because she cant explain anything to me.

Overall, life is good. I walk a ton and Im super confused all of the time, but I am learning a lot! See you all in like 16 months haha
-Hermana Knudsen

Hermana Knudsen and Hermana Cruz

ha, never thought id be living in the middle of mexic wearing a hula skirt

The big cathdral of san miguel at night

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