Monday, January 4, 2016

New week in San Miguel

Uh, this week was a little bit stressful. I showed my new comp all around San Miguel and introduced her to all of our investigators and ward members. That doesn´t sound too bad, but it was really hard because I barely speak spanish and I don´t really know my way around town or the people super well. We got really lost one time because we have to take a bunch of buses, and we took a wrong bus. We were so lost that we just paid a taxi to take us back home haha.

My comp is realllllly nice. She makes food and letters for me, but she doesn´t know anything about the mission haha. She has only been here for 2 transfers longer than me and she is my trainer and the senior companion, but she doesn´t talk at all or take the lead on anything. I plan the whole day and its kind of hard (but at least we get to do what I want haha). Whenever we have to do something she always says "can you do it?" or "you first". Haha, its been really good for me though. I have learned and grown up a lot! The only thing I can´t help us with is the awkward pauses in lessons. I still cant speak spanish to save my life, and my comp doesnt there are a lot of awkward pauses when we talk to people, and I just have to sit there hahaha.

New Year´s Eve was nothing special. No one was home so it was a pretty slow day and we had to be home at 9. On New Year´s Day we had a little party as a district and grilled a ton of meat at the church.

Yesterday we found out our official transfers! Im staying here in San Miguel with the same comp and my neighbor elders are staying too! The other companionionship in our district is changing because one of the missionaries gets to go home this week and the other missionary is going to be a trainer.

Tomorrow we are going to Costco!! Woohoo!!

Happy New Year!!!

Hermana Knudsen

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