Monday, January 11, 2016

OH Man

This was a pretty crazy week. On Monday we went for tacos and I had tacos de lingua y cabeza haha. ( tacos made out of cow tongue and the face muslces...) The cool part is that they weren´t even gross! I guess I´m a real Mexican now haha.

Tuesday we went to costco!! I got 12 muffins and they are all gone now :( It´s ok though because we get to go again tomorrow! I also got a berry sundae and a bunch of pizza!

We have contacted a lot of new people this past week so I hope something good comes from that! One of our investigators finally came to church yesterday too! All of our other investigators have craaaaaazy lives though, so we aren´t planning on any baptisms in the very near future haha.

On saturday night I found out that my grandma Karla passed away. :( My family got to call me and it was awesome to be able to talk to them. My mom was in Arizona with her family so I got to talk to some of my aunts and uncles too! Haha, it was really cool to hear everyone speak english without super thick spanish accents.

I can´t even believe that my grandma is gone. It´s crazy to think about because my life on the mission is exactly the same, but when I come home everything will be different. My grandma was amazing and I know that she loved me and our family sooo much. I am not worried about her at all, I know she is in a better place and that the plan of salvation is real. It was really cool because I was studying the plan of salvation a lot this week, without even knowing what was going on at home. I read that death is only pre-mature for those who are un-prepared to meet God, and I know that my grandma was super prepared, so I´m happy for her!

I´m really sad for my family, but I know that they all know the truth too. I realllllly wish that I could be there for the funeral, but I know San Miguel is where I should be. I want all of my family to know that I love and miss them and wish that I could be there to support them this weekend!

Hermana Knudsen

P.S. for those who are counting I have been on the mission for 90 days now and I only have 464 days left haha :P

Alma 22:14

Hermana Knudsen wearing a little tee shirt belonging to Grace that she mailed to Kourtney because Kourtney had said she liked that shirt 

An elder wearing the tee shirt too

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