Thursday, November 5, 2015

3 Weeks Down!!

This week at the MTC was pretty great! Even though everyday is kind of the same, so much happens in a week! In mexico city I guess that halloween is a huge thing here, and then they have 2 days of celebrating for Day of the Dead. On saturday night a bunch of the teachers were really excited to leave and go trick or treating 3 nights in a row. From the MTC we can´t see any of the celebrating going on, but we can definitely hear it! we were outside for class on saturday at like 8 pm when we started hearing english music! It was the first time I realized that I miss home a little bit. We only heard YMCA and Funky Town, but it sure beats spanish hymns, which is the only music Ive heard for the past three weeks haha. The partying goes on allllll night, everynight, for 3 days haha. Sometimes we would wake up to crazy music or giant bangs in the middle of the night. A teacher told us that if you dont hear an ambulance 5 minutes later, it was probably just a firework, other wise someone got shot or something haha.
My Spanish is coming along pretty well. We taught actual people at the MTC on saturday, who dont speak any english and they understood us! They´re usually just member volunteers or our teachers´ friends...not investigators...but it still got me really excited to get out into the field!
I have found quite a few people i know at the mtc! I ran into a girl from my high school, my pre school best friend, and a kid from my ward (skyler norton)! David archuleta´s sister is here, we heard her playing the piano and she is amazing! Also, the pop here is really good. I had my first Mexican coke today when we went into the city, and at the MTC they sell this Sangria pop that a lot of peple hate, but i love it!

Today we went to immigration in down town mexico city to extend our visas. the city is really cool! it looks a lot like europe with all of the big fancy buildings next to the really old cement ones. When we are on the MTC bus everyone stares at us. they usually smile and wave, but sometimes they call us gringos and its really funny haha. Today on the way to the city people were blowing me kisses and stuff. On the way back from immigration we went the long way and got a tour of the city. 
I cant believe that i am already half way done with the MTC! saying goodbye to everyone and going out into the field is going to be so hard, but Im excited! In the MTC so far i have memorized like 5 scripture verses, the first vision, and half of D&C section 4 in spanish. I love being a missionary!
-Hermana Knudsen


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